WiST Group

Over a decade ago a new sheet metal technology emerged; allowing intricate models to be created and built.

Wist Plastic & Metal Technology (now WiST Group), a specialist sheet metal manufacturer, launched the world’s first ‘metal-etched’ toy.

With easy to follow instructions and simple, snap-together assembly, incredibly detailed models could be constructed in minutes.

WiST’s continued development of the technology cemented its popularity and in 2016, now rebranded Piececool, innovated a Multi-Colour Electroplating process to ensure that to this day, Piececool continues to be a market leader and grow the brand on the global stage.

At about the same time, a vision to create a high quality, configurable construction block was being realised.

The concept; to devise a simple means of creating any 3-Dimensional form, providing designers, modelmakers, artists, sculptors, engineers and creatives of all ages, a modular unit by which ‘anything’ could be constructed.

As an innovator and manufacturer of metal products, WiST would spend 3 years developing the technology to produce the precision engineered ‘modular units’.

This technology is known as METOMICS, the world’s first metal construction block building system.